Within the village we have a MASSAGE SALON, where a girl from the Philippines gives Thai and Filipino massages.

Thai traditional massage, Thai massage with aromatic oils and Filipino hilot massage are available.

Available professional massages from the hands of a girl from the Philippines:
✓ Hilot is a Filipino therapeutic massage that uses
warm banana leaves and virgin coconut oil
effectively eliminates back pain. Because they are bananas
leaves natural ionizer hilot therapist by touch determine
disturbed flow of energy in the body and focus on the problem
until it restores balance and harmony and
a sense of relief.
✓ Traditional Thai massage stimulates the flow of energy
throughout the body and brings harmony and balance.
✓ Thai massage with aromatic oils stimulates
acupressure points, with which we regulate and
we stimulate the flow of energy and eliminate stress.
Smoothing with aromatic oils has a beneficial effect on
skin and takes you to a state of bliss.

The price of a 60-minute massage is €45
To book an appointment, call 041 302 700.

Come and pamper yourself with us!